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YEP! YOU FOUND THEM!!! Call them buffalo sandals, Hippie Sandals, Jesus sneakers, Jesus Sandals, Sandals - they're still as comfortable as you remember.
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THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! In addition to entering your actual shoe size, please take a moment to measure the length of your foot, using the instructions listed below, and sending us your info by email ([email protected]) or by phone call or text to (856) 316-8602. We love hearing from our customers to get all of the information we need to pick just the right pair sandals for you!

Your sandals will arrive ready for gift giving with a copy of the break-in instructions enclosed. They're still as comfortable as you remember.
Welcome back to your favorite sandals!

 We try very hard to find a pair of sandals that will fit you comfortably so.... 


Do you have extra wide feet or narrow feet. YOU HAVE TO LET US KNOW! These sandals are made to fit a regular width foot but we can check our stock for a wider or narrower pair. Once you have placed your order, we would like you to send us an email ([email protected]) with the measurements of the length and width of your feet to make it easier for us to pick a pair that will fit you properly. First, place a ruler on the floor and stand on it with one barefoot, lining your heel up with the end. Now place ALL OF YOUR WEIGHT on that one foot and look to see where your big toe reaches. Write down the measurement. Now, turn the ruler a quarter turn and stand on it again, with ALL OF YOUR WEIGHT, so the ruler is going across under your foot at it WIDEST point, usually near the balls of your feet and write down the measurement. Now send us those two measurements so we can look for a pair that will fit you correctly.

If you have any questions about choosing the correct size, you may contact us before placing your order ~ (856) 316-8602.  We will be more than happy to help!

These sandals are normally a little stiff when you first receive them. This is normal!  Before you start the break-in process, please try your sandals on first. If the length of the sandal is too short or too long you will probably need a different size. If the arch band or the toe band is very loose or very tight, you also may need a different size. Soaking these sandals in water will not change the length of the sandal and it will not shrink the arch band or the toe band.  The softening and forming to your feet only occurs while the leather is drying, so leaving them in the water for a longer period of time will not correct these two problems.  You'll probably need to return them for a different size.

If you try your sandals on and they fit pretty well, then go on to the break-in process.  Here's the OLD HIPPIE secret for breaking in your new pair of sandals to make them softer and more comfortable - soak your sandals in water for about 3 minutes, no longer!  We only want the leather to be softened by the water.  Soaking them longer WILL NOT make them shrink or change size in any way!  Now, remove them from the water. Next...

Method 1 ~ If your sandals feel like a good fit, you may opt to let them air dry naturally without wearing them.
Method 2 ~ If they are a little bit loose, you may want to place them in a sunny area as they dry. This method may help the leather shrink a very small amount.
 Method 3 ~ If the arch band feels a little tight, you may wear them as they dry. This method will stretch the sandal arch slightly. If the arch band is really tight, it will not stretch enough to fit your foot without breaking so please do not damage the sandal if your foot is too wide to fit. 
Any break-in method you choose will soften the sandals, helping them conform to your feet so they fit you like a glove!

Please remember ~ we cannot except a return of any sandals that show signs of wear, alteration, damage or foot odor. If you plan to walk around with your sandals to check out the size and the comfort, be sure to only walk on a rug or a smooth floor area.  Do not walk on the sidewalk, asphalt or any other rough surface as this will mark up the bottoms and we will be unable to accept your return as we will be unable to resell them if you should decide to return them.  PLEASE BE HONEST!  We accept returns and exchanges but we don't want any surprises when we receive your returned item.  All sandals must be returned to us in the same condition that we sent them to you.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  For more information about making a return or exchange, please read our company's return policy.  

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