Hello to all of the members of our extended family of Beadscape customers and to all of the new members who are just discovering our site for the first time. We are so glad you are visiting our Blog! For almost 25 years, we have been very proud to offer this great item that brings back so many wonderful memories for so many people. That item is the Water Buffalo Sandals that we all wore back in the sixties and seventies. Who would have thought that these sandals would mean so much to so many people. It's like a brotherhood and sisterhood of the sandals. Some of you have searched for years to find these sandals again when they became so hard to find. They were like a part of us that we never forgot. Since so many of you have such fond memories of these sandals, we would like you to post your favorite memories of these sandals. Everyone has their own story about how they got their first pair, soaking them in water and wearing them until they dry for that perfect fit. So many stories to share. We get to talk to a lot of our customers and they all can't wait to tell their stories to us so now I'd like to allow our customers to share their memories with fellow "Wearers of the Sandals". Please take a minute or two to add your story to our blog for others to enjoy. We, the children of the sixties and seventies, are still out here and would love to share in each other's memories. We all grew up during the best time in history. We were the first and only generation to dare to be so different by being kind, loving and helping the environment. My husband and I are so proud to say we grew up during that time, a time that can, unfortunately, never be repeated. I'm sure you all feel the same way too. So lets celebrate by sharing our memories and putting smiles on everyone's faces. Though we didn't grow up knowing each other, we grew up with the same wonderful experiences so let's share!