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THESE ARE THE GUIDELINES FOR EXCHANGES/RETURNS AND REFUNDS SET FORTH BY OUR COMPANY'S RETURN POLICY. ONCE WE AUTHORIZE A RETURN, THE ITEM MUST BE SENT BACK TO US WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE PURCHASE DATE. We do reserve the right to charge a restocking fee for all returns unless it is due to a company error. If you are making an exchange, we will WAIVE the cost of the restocking fee.

ALL ITEMS MUST BE RETURNED TO US IN THE SAME CONDITION THAT WE SENT IT TO YOU. No Exceptions! We do not except used, worn, altered or damaged goods!

We take a lot of care to send you a pair of sandals that have been custom colored to your order and that will fit you properly using the information YOU HAVE PROVIDED to us. Sending us your actual shoe size and the exact measurement of the length of your foot (using the instruction in our listing) is the best way to get a pair of sandals that will fit you properly. Please submit a return request to us PRIOR TO returning any merchandise. 

If an item is sent back for exchange or return for any reason other than a company error, the buyer is responsible for all shipping charges. Once we receive your returned item and we inspect it, if it is in the same condition as we sent it to you, we will issue a refund for the ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE ONLY less a restocking fee of 20%. We do not reimburse the buyer for original shipping or return shipping charges on returned items unless our company has made a mistake. 

These sandals may be a little stiff when your first receive them. This is normal! The first thing to do is to try them on BEFORE soaking them, to make sure they are a good length and width for your foot. If you try your sandals on and the sole is too long, too short or the arch band is too wide or too narrow for your foot, then you probably ordered the wrong size and you will have to send them back. Soaking them WILL NOT change the length or width of the soles. 

Next, check the arch band going across the top of your foot. If this band is really loose, the sandals may be too wide for you. If the band is too tight, they may be too narrow. This band may stretch a little during the break-in process but if they are too tight, the band may break during wear. We will not be held responsible if this type of damage occurs. These sandals are made to fit a normal width foot. If this band is too large, soaking them WILL NOT shrink the arch band enough to make them fit. You will probably have to return or exchange them for a different size.

If your sandals fit pretty well in length and width, then you can continue on with the SOAKING/BREAKING IN INSTRUCTIONS listed below. This process helps to soften your new sandals and make them more comfortable. If your sandals are a good fit when you first receive them, you may choose not to wear them as the dry after soaking them. Just let them dry naturally and then try them on. If you feel that soaking may help make them fit better, there is not problem in soaking them again.

We understand that you want to make sure that your sandals are comfortable once you receive them. Put your sandals on and place your feet/sandals into a bucket of water, bathtub or stand in the shower. After about 3 minutes remove your feet/sandals from the water. DO NOT stay in the water any longer than this recommended time. You are only softening the leather. Leaving them in the water WILL NOT MAKE THEM SHRINK! They will conform to your feet only as the dry. Remove your feet from the water and leave your sandals on until they dry. During this break in process please be sure to only walk around on rugs and bare floors to prevent marking and scuffing of the soles of the sandals. Walking on cement, pavement or any other rough surface will cause the bottoms to show signs of wear by becoming scuffed, pitted, marked and darker. 

PLEASE BE HONEST! Returning a worn, altered or used pair of sandals, even if you received an incorrect size due to company error is never allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you should decide to return your sandals and the soles show any signs of wear, we WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR RETURN OR ISSUE YOU ANY REFUND since we will be unable to resell them. Even if we have sent you an incorrect item due to a company error, you must still meet the return qualifications listed above to receive a refund. When we receive a return, the first place we look for wear is on the soles of the sandals. If the bottoms show any signs of wear, scuffs, scratches, pitting or darkening, we will not accept them because we will not be able to resell them. if you try to return a pair of sandals that show ANY signs of being worn, altered or used we will not accept your return and we will not issue a refund to your account. 

You may contact us with any questions. We love to hear from our customers!
Laura & Steve at Beadscape
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