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Take a step back to the time of blacklights and incense. A visit to Beadscape.com is an experience you'll not soon forget.  Filled with wonderful memories of an easier time when our motto was "Make Love - Not War".  Many years have passed since then but we've carried on the feeling. We offer many items that you remember from back in the day. . . tie-dyes, body oils, crystals, peace signs, jewelry, incense . . . and some unique items you may never have seen before.  We're glad you stopped by! 

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Do you want a cool necklace that no one else has? Have fun and design your own!   You choose the pendant, cord color and bead color and we'll put it together for you.  What a great idea for an individualized gift!  Comes with a 20" cord necklace with a lobster clasp closure. If you would like a different length for the cord necklace, please email us.  We don't mind adjusting the length and there is no extra charge for this service. Pendants are imported.  All pendant necklace come with one pendant.  If you wish to place a CUSTOM ORDER with additional pendants and/or beads, please contact us before ordering.  Necklaces are made here by the artist.  Individually priced.

If you see a pendant you would like to order as a necklace but it is not offered with the cord color you would like, just email us and we can make it with any color cord you would like.

Great for parties or crafting.
We can make up a Party Package for you, including everything you would need to make a necklace.  Contact us for details!

The US Quarter at the end of Row 3 can be used as a guide to approximate the size of each pendant.

PHOTO #1 shows all of the pendants available.
Row 1 -
Tiny Capricorn Charm - Antiqued Pewter, Tiny Aquarius Charm - Antiqued Pewter, Tiny Pisces Charm - Antiqued Brass, Tiny Taurus Charm - Antiqued Pewter, Tiny Gemini Charm - Antiqued Brass, Tiny Cancer Charm - Antiqued Pewter, Tiny Virgo Charm - Antiqued Pewter, Tiny Libra Charm - Antiqued Pewter, Cupid Charm - Antiqued Pewter, Cupid Charm - Antiqued Brass, Cupid Charm - Gold Metallic

Row 2 -
Grateful Dead Dancing Bear - Silver Metallic, Grateful Dead Dancing Bear - Antiqued Pewter, Grateful Dead Dancing Bear - Gold Metallic, Grateful Dead Dancing Bear - Antiqued Brass, Diamond Cut Grateful Dead Dancing Bear- Pewter, Grateful Dead Steal Your Face - Silver Metal, Diamond Cut Mushroom/Yin and Yang - Pewter, Diamond Cut Magic Mushroom - Pewter, Diamond Cut Flower Yellow Center-Pewter, Diamond Cut Flower - Pewter, Leaf - Antiqued Pewter

Row 3 - 
Ancient Arrow - Antiqued Pewter, Arrowhead - Brass, Dragonfly - Antiqued Pewter, Turtle - Antiqued Pewter, Frog - Antiqued Brass, US QUARTER (for sizing purposes), Tiny Butterfly - Antiqued Brass, Large Butterfly - Antiqued Pewter, Butterfly - Antiqued Brass

Row 4 - 
Motorcycle Wings with Inlay - Silver Metallic, Double Sided Aztec Calendar - Antiqued Pewter, Sun - Antiqued Brass, Celestial Moon and Stars - Antiqued Pewter, Star with Heart - Antiqued Pewter, 3D Hand - Antiqued Brass, Guitar - Silver Metallic, Guitar - Antiqued Pewter, Guitar - Gold Metallic, Guitar - Antiqued Brass

Photo #2 shows some examples of the necklaces after they are made:
The top necklace is made with a antique pewter Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Pendant
with steel beads on black cord.
      The middle necklace is made with a brass Butterfly Pendant with brass beads on brown cord.
      The bottom necklace is made with a Guitar (silver metallic)
with steel beads on navy cord.

PHOTO #3 shows an example of a CUSTOM ORDER necklace using three Wire Wrapped Alchemist Coins separated by various metal beads that add interest to this piece.  Custom order necklaces are available at an additional cost.  Please contact us if you are interested in having us create a custom piece for you.  We will provide pictures of the finished necklace before you place your order so you can see how it looks and make any changes you would like. 


Please contact us with any questions.  Have a great day!


Just a note for shipments being shipped outside of the United States. PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE when waiting for your shipment.  We have found that it may take 6-8 weeks (or maybe longer) for you to receive your shipment.  All shipments leaving the US must go thru Customs which can cause a long delay in delivery of your item.  Unfortunately, we have no control over this.  So, please wait 6-8 weeks before you contact us about your item.  We are happy to help to locate your item, but we need to give it a chance to get there first!

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