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Take a step back to the time of black lights and incense.  A visit to Beadscape ~ A Bit of Deja Vu and Only the Unusual is an experience you will not soon forget. For 20 years we have been everyone's favorite Hippie Store filled with memories of an easier time when our motto was "Make Love - Not War".  Many years have passed since then but we've carried on the spirit.  We offer many items that you remember from back in the day ~ body oils, genuine crystals and stones for protection and healing, bell anklets, incense, Mexican blanket tote bags, tapestries, Grateful Dead merchandise and collectables, mukluks, stickers, smudge kits, peace signs, assorted hippie clothing including sixties India buffalo toe strap sandals (now available in black, brown and tan!) we all wore back then, handmade jewelry, tie dye clothes - and other unique items you may never have seen before.
Here. we offer something for everyone.

We are located in Burlington County, (Southern) New Jersey and we specialize in Professionally Fit Custom Body Jewelry that will make your body piercing look amazing ~ without the price of a lot of other custom jewelry sold on the web.    If you are looking for that special, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry ~ give us a call.  With 14 years of experience, we know what we are doing and we can help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry for your body piercing.  We offer a very wide selection of great quality Body Jewelry and every piece will be perfectly fitted just for you.  When you stop by for your personal appointment, you may also checkout our merchandise, too!  We offer beautiful crystals and stones (sold separately or made into jewelry), incense, body oils, hippie clothing and lot more ~ everything you remember from your favorite hippie store!

Make your personal appointment today by calling (856) 316-8602.
If you are not located near South Jersey, you may also contact us and we will work together to find your perfect piece of jewelry which can be mailed directly to you.
We are sure you will be more that satisfied with our custom fitted pieces, it's what we do best!